What Factors Affect The Hair Bundles You Need For A Closure?

What Factors Affect The Hair Bundles You Need For A Closure?

Hair weaves, or wigs are either synthetic or human hair. Lace closures are usually virgin human hair sold in bundles. A bundles with closure refer to weaves installed through sewing. A closure is sewn in first, then the rest of the weave follows. Unlike wigs, you can't take out or wear a weave as you please. The stitching makes it permanent, so removing it after a while makes sense. Weaves require varying numbers of bundles for installation. This post highlights factors that affect the hair bundles needed for closure.

Factors affecting the hair bundles needed for a lace closure

Never expect to use a certain number of bundles because your friend used that. They vary based on several factors.

1. Length of the hair bundles

The bundles are available in long or short forms. The difference accommodates everyone since individual styles matter. Also, longer bundles form long hair, and short ones create short hair. Longer hair uses more bundle and vice versa. This is because there is an increase in volume and adding them gives a better look. For example, a 22-inch bundle requires more bundles than 16-inch hair. Most sellers provide a chart with length against bundles. It helps you know what to buy and how many bundles to get.

2. The texture of your real hair

The texture of your hair influences the number of bundles needed. You may not see the point of this since all hair is covered. But, straight hair uses more bundles than curly or wavy hair. The more the character, the more the hair bundles. Choose hair textures that match your natural hair when buying. However, the decision is totally yours to make. You may be attracted to some different from your own texture, and it's okay. But remember to add or reduce the bundles based on the hair texture.

3. The weft of the hair bundles

Different bundle categories have distinct wefts. Wefts are either single or double. You can find both types in a hair store, but the single weft is more common. As the name describes, a single weft has a single line of strands, which is way lighter than the double weft. On the other hand, the double weft has more strands and volume. A single weft uses lesser bundles than the double due to volume.

4. Size of your head

We all have different head sizes, and some are bigger than others. If you have a bigger head, it means there is a larger surface area to cover. A small head size takes up only a tiny space. The larger the head, the more the bundles. The difference between these two heads can be up to 2 to 3 bundles more.

Final words

The factors above are the main determinants of bundles needed. In addition, the hairstyle also influences the bundles. Complex or voluminous styles use up more bundles to build the look. On the flip side, simple styles require very few bundles. Use the length charts on websites or consult a stylist before buying.