What do Investment Casting Manufacturers do?

What do Investment Casting Manufacturers do?

Investment casting is one of the most basic and oldest industrial processes. The Investment Casting Manufacturers normally use it to make weapons as well as jewelry. In this process, the manufacturers just pour the liquid metal in different molds for producing complex shapes quickly. Nowadays, in order for creating the most intricate parts, it is important to use complex procedures. Such a process that can make it happen is Investment Casting.

Investment Casting Manufacturers usually use slurry, wax and different molds for producing low-tolerance parts. Previously, they used to follow traditional methods that could work well but not well enough. But now, it has become the need of the hour to use casting methods.

Let’s take a look at how investment casting works and what the manufacturers do to make things look up-to-the mark.

How does Investment Casting Work?

As mentioned earlier, investment casting is a process that provides us with a result in the form of complex parts. There are 4 main steps which combine together to form the process.

· 1st Step of Investment Casting

In the first step of investment casting, Investment Casting Manufacturers create the pattern or simply the final shape of parts. They use wax for this purpose because it is reusable and they can melt it easily as well. But the only flaw is that they can use a wax pattern only once while making a part. But if the casting manufacturer is having a master mold, he/she can do it. This will allow them to use the same pattern again.

If you need a part that has low-tolerance, you may have to pay more as a customer. However, the manufacturers can make it cost-effective by connecting the molds with a wax bar. So, that’s how they make a complex part quite easily.

· 2nd Step

Finalizing the wax pattern doesn’t get the job done completely, dipping that into slurry is another step to follow. This liquid mainly has some binders in it along with silica and water. It covers the mold or simply the part completely. They do it many times to maintain the thickness and then dry it. After that, in order to remove the moisture and for melting the wax, the manufacturers heat it. So, the mold is ready for the next step.

· 3rd Step

In the 3rd step, the molten material is poured in the mold even if it is hot. In this way, the molten metal doesn’t damage the mold. Also, it is important for improving the flow of that metal in certain areas. Both the metal as well as the mold start to shrink after they cool it. But still, the manufacturers cool it completely to see the exact shape of the mold.

· 4th Step

Breaking the solid mold is the final step for Investment Casting Manufacturers to do. They use water jets or similar methods for this purpose. This prevents the mold from deformation completely. After that, they cut the final parts and send them to the market.

All these steps can help you know what Investment Casting Manufacturers do and how you can use the casting process.