The Art of Using an Invisible Ghost Mannequin in Photography

The Art of Using an Invisible Ghost Mannequin in Photography

Understanding how to employ a "ghost mannequin" is crucial for product photographers in the fashion e-commerce industry. Using "ghost mannequins," we may take pictures of garments as though a model were wearing them.

These modular mannequins' chest, arms, and neck sections may be removed. When photographing garments, a mannequin may be rendered invisible by removing several components. The result is a more convincing 3D illusion that makes garments look "full-bodied" and worn. As a bonus, it helps the customers of your online clothing business picture how the clothes might appear on them.

Top Uses of an Invisible Ghost Mannequin

Choose a Good Ghost Model

Now, consider the variety of your brand's products you intend to shoot before settling on a ghost mannequin. There are various sizes, styles, and price points to choose from when shopping for an invisible ghost mannequin. While some invisible mannequins are more affordable, others with more advanced capabilities are more expensive.

Choose to Cut out From Images

Let's pretend we're taking pictures of a hoodie with a zipper on a phantom mannequin. When photographing looser garments, we don't have to take as much off the model as we do when photographing garments with a close fit. To expose the hoodie's lining in images, we'll have to unzip the front of the garment.

Dress the Stealth Mannequin

Working with the sleeves first is a good rule when outfitting an invisible mannequin in upper body garments. Lightly pull the sleeves over and down the mannequin arms if you're photographing something like a cardigan. Pull the cardigan straight down over your torso as well.

The shoulders of the garment, therefore, require special attention. Shoulders should be level and smooth, without any wrinkling or bunching. Also, don't overstretch the garments by pulling them firmly over the Mannequin.

Dress to Draw Attention to your Finest Features

Putting the clothing on the Mannequin so that they fit its form and features is the next step. In this step, we frequently use hair clips and pins for style. A more tailored appearance may be achieved at the front of the garment by first determining the places at the rear that can tighten.

A common method for cutting cloth is to make vertical cuts down the middle of the back. By doing so, we prevent the formation of wrinkles that might diminish the garments' aesthetic attractiveness.

Taking Pictures in Provocative Outfits

Setting up the lighting and taking pictures for the ethereal mannequin look is the least difficult aspect. The objective is to highlight the cloth's features that help define our "invisible model" through lighting and exposure. Armpits and the space between the sleeve and the body, both of which are notoriously dark, can be illuminated with the aid of a light reflector.


In conclusion, an apparel and accessories retailer must provide quality images of its products. If your images are of high quality, you may increase sales by as much as 65%. Furthermore, if your company sells clothing, seeing the buyer in the garment is crucial.

If you can convey the essence of the image in words, you've succeeded. Choose between Models and Ghosts while doing so. Due to the inexpensive price of Ghost Mannequin, the return on investment is rather swift.