How To Buy a Good Mannequin (Complete Buyers Guide)

How To Buy a Good Mannequin (Complete Buyers Guide)

Mannequins are the cornerstone of visual marketing. A mannequin is a figure of a human imitation dressed in jewelry and clothing for advertising purposes. Developments in the mannequin industry through the help of technology have brought about inventions such as the ghost mannequin. Ghost mannequin services involve taking many pictures of the products and integrating them into one production. Mannequins give the customers a visual representation of how they will look in the products sold to them even before trying them.

Examples of merchants using mannequins to great extents are clothing storeowners, jewelers, and footwear stores. Fashion designers also use mannequins to display their designs as they make them. However, not just any dummy can do the job; the appearance and style of the mannequin matter to bring out the color of your products

Factors to consider when buying a mannequin
1. Material Used and Size

Mannequins are made of fiberglass, wood, plastic, metal, and carbon fiber.

Mannequins made from plastic are bendable and therefore prone to damage easily. Metallic forms are bound to be heavy and bulky to move around. Weight matters when picking out an excellent dummy to purchase.

2. Intention to buying

Looking at why you are buying a dummy will help you figure out which figure you require. Understand your business niche and what it needs. If you own a jewel shop, you do not need full-body mannequins but just unit dummies for legs and arms. Is your store women-only, a men’s only store, or both? The former will affect the kind of mannequins you buy. Fashion designers require strong figures that can be moved from one place to another without damage.

3. Budget Friendly

Mannequins have a wide range of prices according to the quality you want. High-quality figures can cause a hefty price and leave your business in debt. You must work with a budget to avoid downscaling or upscaling. However, you can find affordable, high-quality mannequins if you talk to a seller and inform them of your budget. Even when buying a ghost mannequin, you need to stay within budget as some

4. Brand Image

What does your brand stand for? Moreover, what objectives and goals does it have? Customers need to identify with your brand and feel a sense of belonging. Your brand starts with you as the owner, the products you sell, your employees, and your store. Mannequins are displayed in your store; therefore, they need to be in tune with the brand color and design. If the products and the figures are in harmony, The Whole store will have an attractive outlook, thus boosting sales.

The choice of mannequins for your store can be detrimental to your brand and business—factors such as material and size. Intention, color, weight, and brand image are a consideration in advance. Before buying a ghost, dummy, go through these factors and ensure the figure you want to purchase will align with your brand.