Where are roll up doors used?

Where are roll up doors used?

Roll up doors have become the most ideal option for the security of many places, so it is very common to see them used for different purposes that we will mention below. Before installing one, check the recommendations of your roll up door supplier to make sure you install the ideal one.

Not only are they a way to secure a place, roll up doors are also much more convenient and take up less space. They are practical enough to serve the function of a door without sacrificing an inch of space.

You have probably visited many places without realizing that they have a roll-up door, because their design and mechanism is specially designed not to take up space or interrupt the entry and exit of people.

There are many spaces where roll-up doors are used and we will mention them below.


It is quite common to see roll-up doors in garages. Many of these doors are installed in homes as a form of protection for the garage, because they are much more practical to open and close when getting the car in or out.

In the garage of the houses you can find both manual and automatic rolling doors. Some are mixed, depending on the needs of the users. The automatic ones are much more convenient, since they can be remotely manipulated.


If you have ever been to a shopping mall you may not have noticed, but most stores have a roll-up door. These make the entrance and exit of customers spacious and much more comfortable, especially for stores with a large influx of customers.

It is very common to see them in stores such as jewelry stores, because in addition to being very practical, they are usually very safe and the most recommended for stores with garments or items of great value. When closing the store, the roll-up door is a great security mechanism.


Factories generally occupy very large and high spaces in order to store not only merchandise, but also machinery. Rolling doors are very practical for them to fully open the entrance to allow heavy machinery, tractors, trucks and more to circulate.

Since these spaces often use large roll-up doors, they are usually installed with a mechanical operating system.


There are companies that provide storage services to private individuals, so that they can store in their spaces things that for space or security reasons they do not want to store at home.

This type of storage garages also use roll-up doors, besides being much safer, they are easy to manipulate by the users. By installing this type of door, the company can guarantee its customers that their property is properly protected without the risk of it being stolen.

Loading docks

At the industrial level, roll-up doors are the preferred choice of large companies for the safeguarding and storage of all types of cargo. It is very common to see these doors installed in loading docks, where the ship unloads all the merchandise directly to the warehouses, which are protected by doors like these.

Undoubtedly, this type of door has proved to be a very practical and safe option for any commercial environment.