Truck-mounted or trailer boom lift

Truck-mounted or trailer boom lift

The truck or trailer mounted boom lift is used for working at heights and is flexible in nature as compared to other boom lifts. The smaller size of this boom lift can be fixed on a truck of 3.5 tons. The vehicle that is used is generally self-driven. The giant trailer boom lift truck comes with expert drivers and operators to avoid any inconvenience. But if your company has qualified operators and drivers, you can request to get the trailer boom lift without the operator.

Applications and uses

Below are some of the uses and applications of trailer boom lifts. Although a trailer boom lift is versatile and can be used for so many purposes, the most common applications of a trailer boom lift are:

  • Inspections of electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Pest control
  • Windfarms
  • Cleaning of doors and windows inside or outside of buildings
  • Highways
  • Construction sites and industries
  • Signage
  • Working within a high street
  • Lightening or fixing of lights
  • Various street works
  • Some of the trailer boom lifts are used for picking fruits in the gardens and lawns

These truck-mounted lifts are best for those locations where long-term work is not required. You can move the machine to the place of your choice, and after the completion of work, you can park it back in the garage of the industry or construction site. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the problem of space as you will not be using a fixed or immovable lift. If you have the license, it can be more beneficial for you as you can do more smaller jobs with the same machine. Some larger trucks, which are 30 meters or above, require a professional driver, but these small lifting machines can be taken away from the job site quickly within the same day.

Some advantages of truck-mounted boom lift

  • Being able to work underneath bridges or such places
  • It has greater outreach
  • It contains outriggers on the sides of the machine equipped with pads that help in spreading the weight of the machine over a larger area
  • Have a larger basket
  • It has a larger lifting capacity

Although most truck-mounted machines can work the undersides of bridges, this feature may not be available on all truck mounts. In this case, you should first ask the company from which you are purchasing or renting the lift. Doing this will help you in avoiding management-related problems. In the market, you can check the models first by visiting several websites. The working heights of these lifts start from 15 meters and can go up to 102 meters, including the extensive outreach feature.


A truck-mounted boom lift has several applications and advantages. You can get the most beneficial option of mobility which is a dire need of construction sites and industries nowadays. Several websites are selling trailer-mounted boom lifts online; you can visit those and get one of your requirements. Keep in mind to discuss the capacity, weight and height limit before buying the lifting machine.