Led UFO High Bay Lighting Vs. Linear High Bay Lights

Led UFO High Bay Lighting Vs. Linear High Bay Lights

There are more than enough options to choose from when you need to choose lighting for your house or office. Some of the options you need to choose from including the UFO and linear high bay lights. Here is a comparison of the UFO and Linear High bay lights.

What is UFO High Bay Lighting?

The circular shape of this lighting option is one of the main reasons it is widely recognized and called the UFO light. This lighting comes with a panel that has a circular panel at the top. On top of this panel, there is a small driver there. The light option comes in a compact and portable design, but it delivers a good lighting range when installed. Depending on the brand you buy the UFO high bay light from, you will enjoy many benefits for choosing this light. This light option is strong and durable, and it comes with an attractive design that you can trust in this age and time.

Advantages of UFO high bay lighting

There are lots of advantages when you choose the UFO high bay lighting. These advantages will only work well if you buy your UFO high bay lighting from a good source. You can trust any of the Xsy lighting options to deliver the best. Note that the advantages discussed below are sure for XSY lighting. Some benefits of the UFO high bay light include;

  • Small and portable design that does not take a lot of places.
  • Great appearance that beautifies the location.
  • Versatile usage is possible with this light, as you can use it within the warehouses, conference halls, industries, and many more.
  • When you have sensors installed within this lighting, it will save you lots of energy.

What is linear high bay light?

If you have a large area to cover, you will be a little confused about the lighting option to choose. But with the XSY linear lighting option, you have nothing to worry about. This light option has specific designs to give great lighting for large areas like meeting rooms and warehouses, but it is best to use the option indoors. As the name suggests, this light option is a linear one, and the diode has a different arrangement that can allow the lighting to give a better beam angle.

Advantages of led linear high bay lighting

There are also loads of advantages you can get with the linear high bay lighting. Most of the benefits below are trusted if you buy from the XSY lighting brand. The advantages include;

  • Multiple uses for the brand.
  • The Cost of maintaining this light is lower because of the reduced energy.
  • The XSY linear lighting has auto-dim and sensing functions.


The choice of lighting for your home or office depends on many factors. The most important of these factors is the area you are trying to cover with the light. After this comes the personal choices based on the lights you use. Two choices that can perform excellently well in your home, office, or industry are the UFO high bay lights and the linear high bay lights. Both light options are LED, and they are better placed in buildings with a lot of height. We have compared the UFO high bay and the linear lights in this article.