Import From China Academy For Your Business

Import From China Academy For Your Business

We all know that product import from china academy is much more cost effective than in-house production. This is majorly because of the vast and wide manufacturing infrastructure setup in China. Due to the economics of scale, the Chinese manufacturing hub creates an unattainable balance between quality, quantity and price.

Product supply from China, despite being a lucrative method to minimize costs in business, remains untapped and unexplored mostly because of lack of confidence emerging out of worries like language barrier, overtly complicated international trade laws but most of all, scams and low-quality products.

Through this article, let us lay out an easy and understandable guide to importing your product from the Chinese manufacturing hub. We will also discuss Jingsourcing, the best Chinese Sourcing Agent Company since 2015.

What To Buy & What Not From China?

Despite the brilliant manufacturing capabilities of the Chinese hub, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to importing from China. Let’s first discuss what you definitely shouldn't import from China.

  • The first big no-no is importing less-value, high-demand goods for example ring lights or pop sockets, sheets of paper etc. This is so because despite the cost of product being low, the shipping cost for such items is usually high that makes up for the amount saved. Moreover, the quality suffers for cheaper products.
  • Trending items are another product category which must be avoided while importing from China. New importers usually don’t have the required distribution systems or promotion skills necessary to push trending in the markets.

Now here are a couple of DOs when importing from China.

  • Import Unique products with daily-use implications. In developed as well as developing countries, daily use products are marketed and sold by retailers who do not offer innovation in daily use items.
  • Find your niche and import products that are not available in your local market or you target market.

What Are The Services Offered By Jingsourcing?

Jingsourcing offers two plans,

  • A Pro Plan with which you have to play 5-10% of the service fee and enjoy additional services.
  • And a Basic Plan which provides you with all the necessary services for only 5% of the service fee.

Follow up on production

With the Pro Plan, Jingsourcing helps you keep-up and coordinate with the manufacturing factories for 20 to 60 days to ensure that your products are meeting your quality standards and other requirements.

Customize products and packaging.

Jingsourcing lets you customize your products and their packaging With the Pro Plan, it helps you coordinate with the manufacturing unit directly.

Free product photography for ecommerce.

Another unparalleled service that Jingsourcing’s Pro Plan includes is product photography for e-commerce use for no additional charges. This helps you in listing your product on e-commerce websites and take orders in advance.

Free general quality inspection.

This service is available with both the Basic Plan as well as the Pro Plan where after coming out of the factory, it also does a final product inspection and subsequently arranges shipment at the best possible rate.

Free warehouse 2 months.

In cases where the client is not able to collect shipment and requires delay in delivery, free Warehouse is available for 2 months with the Pro Plan and 1 month with the Basic Plan.

Arrange delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight.

With both the Pro as well as the Basic Plan, Jingsourcing arranges to-door delivery through courier, sea or aur freight at the best possible price.

Is It Worth Buying From China?

Yes, it is, here are some advantages of importing from the Chinese manufacturing hub:

  • Importing from China reduces cost because the manufacturing process is much cheaper in the manufacturing hub of the world that is China.
  • In addition to that, when you import from China, you can bet on higher product quality than other Asian manufacturing hubs. The myth about the low quality of Chinese products all that it is, a myth.
  • Bulk orders are not a problem when you are importing from China.
  • Product customization is also another brilliant service that is only available in the flexible Chinese market.


The Chinese manufacturing hub is the most reliable, flexible and cost-effective source for importing products to retail in your target market. Despite the common myths about this the Chinese enterprise, the importing opportunities have been soaring.